Our attorneys provide DUI defense (DWI/Drunk Driving) in
Florida, primarily in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties,
and  other Central Florida Counties.   

The penalties for DUI have grown more severe over the years,
and can include jail time, probation, suspension/revocation of
your driver's license, fines, court costs, community service,
impoundment/immobilization of your automobile, ignition
interlock in any vehicles owned or operated by the defendant,
DUI classes, alcohol evaluation and treatment, and other
possible penalties.  There may also be separate penalties for
refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Promptly hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney is important if you
have been charged with DUI.  You may be facing  severe penalties, as well as automatic license suspension.

Our attorneys are available for free DUI
consultations, and after-hours and in-jail
visits are available.

Our office is conveniently located in
downtown Orlando.  Free parking.


Knowing the law is key for any DUI case.   At Private Counsel, LLC, we keep abreast of the latest cases,
decisions, and laws that benefit the client.  If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, we offer the
following services:

FREE CONSULTATIONS:  We will meet with you, and give you an analysis of your case.   We are also
available for after-hours consultations and in-jail visits.

HARDSHIP DRIVER'S LICENSE: We may be able to assist you in getting you a  hardship driver's
license (for work, church, school) while your license is suspended.  Whether and when you qualify for
a hardship license will depend on whether you have had prior DUI's and other factors.

REDUCED TO LESSER CHARGE? One possible option is to see if we can get your DUI reduced to a
lesser charge, such as reckless driving.  This depends on the circumstances of each case.  Please
contact us for more details.

EXPERIENCED REPRESENTATION: Private Counsel, LLC focuses much of its practice on DUI defense.  We offer
reasonable rates and aggressive DUI representation.  We can handle DUI's involving with property
damage and personal injury.

IF YOU ARE FROM OUT OF STATE:  We also offer representation to drivers from out of state who have
been charged with DUI in Florida (i.e., if you get a DUI while on vacation in Florida).  Many times we
can resolve a DUI without you having to go to court at all (such as by written plea).

PAYMENT:  We offer reasonable rates.  Payment can be made by credit card, and payment plans are


:  In order to prove a person is guilty of DUI, the State must You were (1) in
actual physical control (2) of a vehicle while either (3) normal faculties were impaired by alcohol or a
controlled substance or (4) with a blood/breath alcohol level of  .08 or higher.  

  • Actual physical control: You do not have to have been driving, or even have the keys in the ignition;
    you can even be sleeping in your car.

  • Vehicle:  this does not have to be a car or even a "motor" vehicle; it can even be a bicycle.

  • Impairment: Even if the blood/breath alcohol level was under .08 or you refused the breathalyzer, the
    State can still proceed if it can show your normal faculties were impaired.


When you are arrested for a DUI, the DMV automatically initiates an
administrative suspension of your license (separate from the criminal charges).  The length of the
suspension depends on whether you have prior DUI's and whether you took the breathalyzer:

  • IF YOU REFUSEDThis results in a one year driver’s license suspension for your first refusal and
    even longer for a second or later refusals.  Additionally, a second time refusal is also a misdemeanor
    (a separate criminal charge).

  • IF YOU BLEW  “OVER” .08A six-month driver’s license suspension for your first offense or longer
    for second or subsequent offenses.

  • IF YOU BLEW “UNDER” .08 - The DMV will not "administratively" suspend your license.  However, you
    likely will still be charged criminally with DUI, but you may keep your license while your DUI case is
    pending.  However, ALL DUI criminal convictions come with another Court-imposed driver’s license
    suspension ranging from six months to permanent loss of license.    

  • Whether you took the breathalyzer or refused, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer within TEN
    CALENDAR DAYS. Your lawyer will carefully review your case and can challenge the suspension and
    may be able to get you your license back.  However, if you do not act within the required 10 days, your
    license will automatically be suspended without any review.

CRIMINAL PENALTIES – criminal penalties depend on factors such as whether you have prior DUIs, how
high your blow was, whether there was a car accident or other criminal charges, and other factors.  The
following are some of the penalties that can be imposed.  You should consult with an experienced DUI
defense attorney at Private Counsel, LLC for more details and to answer your questions:

  • Jail time,  can range from no jail time for first offenders to mandatory jail time for repeat offenders or
    those with serious situations such as property damage or bodily injury.

  • Fine: plus court costs and surcharges.

  • Driver's License Suspension or Revocation:  minimum 6 months up to a lifetime revocation with no
    hardship license allowed for repeat offenders.

  • Probation:  normally one year for misdemeanors, more for felony charges.

  • Community service.

  • DUI Classes:  DUI Counter-Attack School, Victim Awareness Program.

  • Alcohol Evaluation and Treatment:  can include mandatory alcohol/drug treatment regardless of
    whether you want treatment.

  • Impoundment or immobilization of your vehicle.  Normally for 10 days or more.  Your vehicle will be
    impounded or immobilized for a set period of time so that no one can use it during that time.

  • Ingnition Interlock:  installed on all vehicles owned or operated by you, at your expense. Normally
    required for repeat offenders.

  • Restitution:  payment of damages to victims in cases involving car accidents.

NOTE: Penalties vary depending on the case and are subject to change.  Please contact  Private Counsel,
LLC or another Florida licensed attorney for more details and to discuss your case.